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Plumbing Leak Detection

Cape Town Leak Detection and Plumbing is an experienced plumbing and leak detection company. Our team of leak finders and plumbers ensure fast, precise, and cost-effective leak detection services.

Besides exceptional know-how gained from over 30 000 leak detections, we use innovative technology to find and repair water leaks concealed in a building’s structure.

Our non-destructive process adapts to plumbing systems at homes and businesses.

Water is a precious resource and it is essential to use it wisely. When you stop and repair a water leak you save water. This will reduce your water bill and contribute to Cape Town’s water conservation efforts.

The city of Cape Town hotline number for burst main water pipes is 0860 103 089. 

Calculate your daily use of water with the City of Cape Town’s Think Water Calculator. 

View the weekly dam level report for the City of Cape Town.

Leak Detection Cape Town

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Leak Detection Results

Leak detection, diagnostics and repairs that solves leaky plumbing for good.


An infrared camera picks up slight temperature differences that show the location of a leak.

Gas LeakDetection

Tracer gas is injected into a water pipe to detect sub-surface leaks.

Digital Electro AcousticLeak Detection

Sensitive wire microphones locate water leaks around valves and hydrants.

Various ways of leak detection.

Cape Town Leak Detection and Plumbing employs state of the art and cutting-edge technology to detect and locate leaks efficiently, fast and cost effectively.

Our expert teams accurately and reliably diagnose and repair any leaks that are found. 

Drain CameraInspections

High-resolution drain cameras detect leaks or problems in persistent or reoccurring drain blockages.

Pipe Tracingand Locating

A water pipe detector locates concealed pipes in walls, ceilings, floors and underground before construction or excavation.

Water Leak Reporting

After completing diagnostics and repairs, our specialists provide a detailed report of the leak and resulting services.

Leak Detection Questions?

Our comprehensive and insightful guide tackles what you need to know – from detecting a leak to all things cost-related. You will learn:

Get tips on detecting the problem area yourself and when to call a leak expert.

Who is responsible for a water leak? Here is when, where and how to report a water leak.

Discover three ways to repair a leaking pipe and when it is best to get help from a leak expert.

Become acquainted with the average cost of leak detection services, repairs and materials.

We have good news when it comes to water leaks and insurance.


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Water Leak Detection Facts

  • A faint hissing sound could indicate a water leak in a pipe.
  • Water loss of 1 liter per minute amounts to about 40 000 liters a month.
  • Tiny leaks with a diameter of 0.5cm can cause roughly 500 liters of water loss per day.
  • Water leaks often start small, giving little to no indication on a water meter.
  • As water pressure fluctuates, however, leaks can grow or even burst.
  • Some water leaks will never be visible on the surface, regardless of their size.
  • Below the surface, pathways may wind past rock fragments and through the ground without ever surfacing.
  • South Africa’s estimated annual water loss is 1.1 million liters, amounting to nearly R10 billion per year.

Reduce the Chance of Leaks

Rainfall and dam levels vary in South Africa, making water a scarce resource. This is why being water-wise is so vital. Here are ways to limit the chance of water wastage at your home or business.

  • Review your water usage monthly to discover leaks quickly.
  • Regularly check for pipe leaks on your property and repair them swiftly.
  • Open and close taps lightly but securely to minimize leaking and replace washers when leaks occur.
  • Know where the main water valves are on your private or business property. This knowledge will be invaluable if a pipe bursts unexpectedly.
  • Educate your family and friends on reading a water meter and checking for water leaks.

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